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The Incredible Edible Tomato

March 16, 2018


The gorgeous, incredible, edible tomato. They come in numerous forms, shapes, colors and sizes. And theres almost endless possibilities with what we can create with them. Read more to see three simple preparations of the cherry tomato I used. 

First one up is the concasse, a classic french technique, simply means a tomato has been peeled, seeded and rough chopped. To easily peel the skin off start with cutting shallow exes on the bottoms like you see closely in the picture above. 


Drop into a pot of salted boiling water just until the skins start to release. Immediately transfer from the pan to iced water. Called blanching and then shocking for those just learning this technique. 

Skins peel off easily. 

Another simple preparation I like is pan frying. Get a skillet on high heat with some oil. any kind of oil will do as long as it has a high smoke point. Saute just until the skins begin to pop off. 

Slowly undress that beauty once its cooled down a bit, and devour with some crunchy sea salt.

Now if youd like to blister and pop the skins of a tomato without the use of fats or oils, go with a high heat roast. Set your oven to 500°F or its highest temperature and toss the tomatoes in. Any vessel is fine, like this skillet here. 

The beautiful roasted tomato bathing in its own natural juices. The blistered skins are delicious, great for a sauce. 

What you do with your tomatoes after is up to you! What can your imagination come up with? Heres a simple bowl of concasse tomato with some good olive oil, fresh oregano, and sea salt. 

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