Main Course

The Incredible Edible Tomato

March 16, 2018


The gorgeous, incredible, edible tomato. They come in numerous forms, shapes, colors and sizes. And theres almost endless possibilities with what we can create with them. Read more to see three simple preparations of the cherry tomato I used. 

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Cheesy Hush Puppies

March 2, 2018


Anyone ever wanted to wrap something in gooey melted cheese and never look back? This is your chance and hush puppies are your vessel my friends! Queso de Oaxaca is probably one of THEE best cheeses when melted to a lava like consistency and used for just about anything you can put your mind to. I think next time I’m going to wrap some hot wings with it…let me know what you’d do with it or if you’d like me to film another version of this video with a few different variations! ENJOY!

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Blackberry Stovetop Cobbler

February 5, 2018

This is the “cobbler” that I’ve been teasing everyone with on my Instagram and now is alive and well for you guys to enjoy. It’s one of THEE easiest stovetop desserts that I could think of aside from the biscuit of course, but if you prep it ahead of time all you have to do is cook the boozed up blackberries and top with a warm fluffy biscuit that foodie dreams are made of. Hope Y’all like the new style of filming because I love cooking this way! Continue Reading…

Main Course

Bourbon Braised Oxtail Enchiladas

January 19, 2018

This is a truly authentic enchilada. So simple but made with care. Its a very hearty dish. The smokey sweetness from the guajillo chiles, and the richness from the oxtails fatty meat and bones. Topped with a refreshing crumble of cotija cheese. A very delicious combination. Continue Reading…